5 Ways to Improve Solar Panels Efficiency in Pakistan

5 Ways to Improve Solar Panels Efficiency in Pakistan

5 Ways to Improve Solar Panels Efficiency in Pakistan

Being familiar with the fact that the sun is the biggest source of energy so why not get out the most from it. Solar panels or PV panels convert sunlight made up of energy particles photons, into electricity that can be used to supply power to electrical loads.

Pakistan is still a developing nation. Therefore, to maintain its enormous population and industry needs, we need a tremendous quantity of energy to keep running our energy-based operations smoothly on both residential and commercial levels. However, there is always an energy supply shortfall and we have been experiencing the greatest energy crisis for decades. Load-shading is one of the prominent examples of that.

The present percentage of renewable energy in Pakistan’s entire energy mix is inadequate. Currently, fossil fuels are used to meet the country’s energy demands. Large-scale reliance on fossil fuels has not only harmed the national economy but has also resulted in many environmental risks such as the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Pakistan’s energy consumption is growing at a rate of more than 10% per year and its consumption is anticipated to rise eightfold by 2030. The fundamental cause of Pakistan’s energy problems is that the country’s energy system is mostly reliant on thermal resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which are both expensive and in limited supply. Solar panel prices in Pakistan varies from low to high

Pakistan has a lot of potential for solar and wind energy generation. 

According to the World Bank, solar photovoltaic power generation could fulfill Pakistan’s current energy consumption if only 0.071 percent of the country’s land area is used.

However, different ways are required to improve solar panel efficiency in Pakistan for energy generation purposes. Some of the techniques to increase the efficiency of the panels are listed below:

Avoid Shaded Areas for the Solar Panels

Many individuals are unaware of the impact of shade on a line of solar panels. We all know that solar panels create energy from sunshine and it’s natural that shadow reduces the amount of electricity produced. 

In this case, tall buildings and trees are the most common obstacles. Therefore, analysis of the location is a must to guarantee that shade won’t be an issue.

The effectiveness of shades for solar panels is due to how they are placed internally with one another. If even a little portion of the panel is shaded, the entire module will convert less energy.

Proper Installation of Panels by Experts

Photovoltaic panels should be installed properly by experts in that field. The angle and their orientation should be in the correct position. Due to this, the solar panels can get the maximum amount of sunshine throughout the year.

9 a.m. to 3 p.m are considered the most peak time in which panels can get direct sunlight without any hindrance, that’s why they should be placed in the right directions.

When solar modules are installed correctly, they absorb the greatest amount of solar energy and creates more power this way. The direction and angle of the installation are two key aspects to consider as their key goal is to get as much sunshine as possible. 

Cleaning and Maintenance of Solar Panels

The effectiveness of your solar panel is reduced when dust collects on the glass surface. As a result, sunlight that might otherwise reach the photovoltaic cells is absorbed. As a result, you must make sure that no dust or debris settles on the surface of your cell.

Solar panels require relatively minimal maintenance because they do not have any moving parts. However, it’s a good idea to clean your solar panels regularly since dust and grime can build up on the surface and reduce efficiency.

Dust and dirtiness can cause a 5% reduction in production over a year. Therefore, cleaning your solar panels at least once a year is a smart and convenient idea.

To Improve Solar Panel Efficiency, Use a Solar Concentrator

With the help of a solar concentrator, solar light can be concentrated easily. The real objective of these concentrators is to focus light from a broad region onto a smaller area. Therefore, the total efficiency of solar cells, which are typically rather costly, can be improved due to the concentrator. Not only do you get more energy, but you can also save money.

Preventing the Temperature Rise in Panels

The temperature has an impact on the efficiency of your solar panel. As the temperature rises, its efficiency decreases. Temperature maintenance is important to make sure there’s enough space between the solar panels and the roof so that air can flow freely and the heat doesn’t harm your photovoltaic panels. 

Temperature conditions always guarantee that your solar panels are as efficient as possible and that they receive as much sunshine as possible.

Solar panels rely on photovoltaic cells for the most part, and when the temperature rises, certain solar panels will lose efficiency.

Types of Solar Panels that are Useful in Pakistan:

3 KW Solar Panel 

A 3KW solar panel can power a home or company that consumes between 300 and 350 kWh of electricity each month. It provides a significant amount of the power demands of a location that consumes up to 450kwh per month. 

A solar system with a capacity of 3kW can generate almost 12 units of energy each day. It can cover a significant percentage of an average Pakistani household’s electricity use.

5 KW Solar Panel 

A 5 KW solar panel can power a home that consumes 500 to 600 units of electricity each month. It also gives power to the houses that consume a lot of electricity, but it won’t completely pay the bill. A 5KW Solar System can power the bulk of your appliances, including fans, lights, AC, refrigerator, washing machine, and other electronic devices.

10 KW Solar Panel 

A 10 KW solar panel is one of the most effective ways to generate power from solar energy and eliminate your utility costs.

It Sums Up

Solar panels are not only beneficial for the environment but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the need to improve solar panel efficiency should be one of the main priorities in Pakistan.