10KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

10KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

10KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

Who doesn’t want to use electricity and save money at the time? But everyone wonders how?

Solar power is an efficient way to do just that, and now through the 10kW system. This solar renewable energy is nothing short of a blessing and Premium Solar is here to help you get this blessing.

What is a 10kw solar system? Is there availability of a 10KW Solar System in Pakistan, and what is the 10KW Solar System Price in Pakistan? We are here to not only answer all these questions but also provide you the best solar system in Pakistan.

The monthly electricity unit it saves is surprising. If you’re a working man perplexed and worried about the souring figures in your bill and increasing unit in the meter, this one is for you. This 10kW system is perfect for saving money and running all your electric appliances on solar power.

And if you live in Pakistan, the sweltering six months of summer can actually turn the odds in your favor as you sit in the air conditioner powered by solar panels and wonder why you never resorted to this mechanism before.

If you’ve heard of net metering, you would know you need not pay for more than your solar energy production. Moreover, you could even export it back to the grid as you generate more than you could use.

To answer your question, the 10KW Solar System Price in Pakistan is Rs.1,450,000/- PKR to Rs.1,550,000/- PKR. The monocrystalline solar panels are cost-efficient, with the best inverters, design, and construction.

Hence, residential daily solar energy yields 42-44 kWh and gives a lifetime energy generation, i.e., 25 Years of 303,170 kWh. In addition, the 10kw solar system saves a total of 10,019,920/- PKR in 25 years while also saving 184.60 tonnes of lifetime carbon.

What is a Solar System

If we talk in terms of physics and geography, the solar system consists of solar inverters, solar converters, or PV inverters. The inverters convert the direct current output of photovoltaic solar panels to alternating current so they can be used commercially in the electric grid and local electric network.

The solar power system or solar system is made to supply usable solar power through photovoltaics.

So, if you’re installing a 10kw solar system in your house, here are some details you need to look into before you make the mistake of getting too big a size or one too small.

Types of 10kW Solar System

Now that you know what good the 10kw solar system is, also know that it comes in three variants. Here is the list of all three with their respective information.

Furthermore, here it is essential to know which solar power you are using. Is it an on-grid or grid-tie solar system, an off-grid or stand-alone power system, or a hybrid solar system?

So let’s get you through the ropes of all three categories:

On-Grid or Grid Tied Solar Inverters

You need to attach the on-grid solar inverter with an electric grid, so it channels the direct current power from the panels after converting it into an Ac supply that is suitable for your home appliances. Moreover, the Grid-tie solar inverter is continuously fine-tuned with the utility line interface.

However, you might not need an inverter if you want to put up solar panels for your RV, boat, or anything that runs on a direct supply current. But suppose if you do need to convert direct current to friendly-alternating current for household electrical appliances, you would need an inverter for sure.

Again the on-grid inverters have to match phase with the utility sine wave, whereas the off-grid inverters do not.

Thus, AC is generated by the off-grid inverter as the electric current courses through the bank battery and the solar charge controller. Its uses the conversion of Direct Current sources into Alternating Current supply through solar panels and small wind turbines.

The most desirable solar system in current situations is the 10kw solar system for net metering. Along with the 10kw solar system, you have an On-Grid Inverter 10KW with or without battery storage, data logger, wifi, and zero export manager. Equally important is the mention of support of surge protection devices (SPD), certified MonoCrystaline solar panel 10,000 watt +/-5%, and best quality standard wires.

But that’s not it. It also has a design diagram for installation, the inclusion of complete net metering process, DB box containing all type DC breakers, AC breakers, earthing, boring, surge arrester, and cut out switches.

With this, you might get enough power of 1200~1500 unit consumption on a monthly basis. So the10kw solar system supports your whole household.

Here are a few of the best 10kW Solar Power System in Pakistan

  • Solis Solar Inverters
  • Tranergy Solar Inverters
  • Fronius Solar Inverters
  • SMA Solar Inverters
  • ABB Solar Inverters
  • Huawei Solar Inverters
  • GOODWe Solar Inverters
  • Suntwin Solar Inverters
  • Infini Solar Inverters 

And all of which we provide to you in the most affordable rates.

Off-Grid Solar Inverters or Stand-Alone Power Systems

These are just the opposite of On-grid solar inverters. They, in contrast, do not have to connect to the utility phase line to work. This type of 10kW system runs current to the charge bank or battery from the PV plates to convert it into AC power.

The Off-grid 10kw solar system works without battery storage as well as with battery storage. The inverter can power an inverter AC, a fridge, a water dispenser, an LCD TV, five fans, and ten LED lights at a time. The on-grid10kw solar system is a certified Poly Crystaline Solar Panel. Also, the Solar panels have dimensions of 440 X 22 with a maintenance-free dry sealed battery of 2V 300 Ah x 24.

Besides, the off-grid10kw solar system also comprises installation wiring and a design as per International Standards along with DB Box, GI frames, DC breakers, AC breakers, etc.

This 10kW system installation rate is the lowest in Pakistan, and even the 10kw solar system you buy is an inexpensive purchase for the greater good.

The average price to install an off-grid 10kw solar system is approximately around PKR 165 per watt and an estimation of PKR 1,550,000 for the complete system. The price, however, depends on the details and the backup requirements.

This is just an off-measure of a mean price most we install your 10kw solar system for, and others might sell it to you at a larger value. So, it might be best to buy quality with affordability.  

Henceforth, looking at the comparative value of the system is vital. The balance of quality and price must remain worth what you give in return for what you get. And we offer you just that.

Here are some of the best off-grid 10kW Solar Power Systems in Pakistan that we have under our product portfolio.

  • Infini Solar Inverters
  • Axpert Solar Inverters

Hybrid Inverters

The hybrid inverter is another available 10KW Solar System in Pakistan. This intelligent innovation is best for household consumption with uninterrupted renewable energy flow to get all electrical appliances going. It is especially suitable for solar photovoltaic installations. The Hybrid inverter is also called the smart grid inverter.

Here are some of the best Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan that we offer:

  • GOODWE Solar Inverters
  • Infini Solar Inverters

So now you can begin saving by supplying extra electricity to the national grid through net metering.

The Types of Systems Available in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are three solutions for saving electricity that are:

On-Grid/Grid-Tied 10kW Solar System in Pakistan

This 10kW system is called a Grid Tie system because you can use them to store surplus current or as a battery and gain profit through net metering. Now, you can get an On-Grid 10KW Solar System in Pakistan in the best quality and low-cost amount with Premium Solar to brighten your present and future.

Off-Grid 10kW Solar System in Pakistan

Now save energy and money with the off-Grid 10kW system to provide you brightness when it goes dark. To state clearly, the off-grid solar system does not permit net metering because it is battery-based. Hence, Premium Solar offers its Off-Grid 10KW Solar System at the most reasonable prices and excellent quality upon occurrences of power out.

Hybrid 10kW Solar System in Pakistan

Another available 10KW Solar System in Pakistan is the Hybrid system which, as per its name, works both ways. It performs the functions of an on-grid solar system and an off-grid solar system. Hence, you can connect it to the utility phase line and also with a battery connection. So, be it power out or continual use, the Hybrid solar system never fails to give you the best service.

And now it is available in Pakistan. Premium Solar features quality at affordable prices throughout Lahore.

Appliances compatible with the 10KW Solar System

The machines that are workable with the 10kW power system range from anything to everything. To be precise, it can load up to 10,000 watts of charge. The list contains fans, lights, inverter air conditioner, iron, led TV, refrigerator, water dispenser, water pump or motor, and more.

What’s more is that all of those can work together simultaneously. And if that’s not shocking enough, even multiple of these devices can work collectively. Now let’s get you through how many.

You can use ten fans, fifteen lights, two washing machines, one refrigerator, LED TV, water pump, and up to four air conditioner or iron at once. However, be extra careful you use either an air conditioner or iron at a time and not both concurrently.  

And we offer make it all available to you in Pakistan now.

What is the Price of On-Grid Solar System

Now that we are past its application and benefits let’s sweeten the deal as we tell you its affordable rates. The system cost of an on-grid solar system is Rs. 1,150,000/- PKR. The value of the solar system capacity is 10kW. Moreover, its annual solar unit production is 14.600 KWh.

The off-peak charge or per unit charge of the on-grid power system is 20 RS. This way you can save a sum of 292,000.

And that’s not all. Premium Solar has a payback period too if the quality does not satisfy you- which isn’t often.

What is the Best Power Generating System

For residential installations, the 10kW system is more extensive than 3kW Solar power systems, which are far more prevalent. Indeed, the 10kW systems are best suited for homes that use a large amount of energy during the day or even business offices that consume around 50kWh of daytime usage.

However, they might even be suitable for homes with low energy demand who want to go off the grid. If you are in need of one, contact us.

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need For Roof Space?

A newer 10kW solar system will have between 19 to 24 solar panels and would need between 1000 to 1200-meter square of roof space, relying on the panel wattage.

What is the Energy Yield of The 10kW Solar System?

The actual output of a 10KW power system varies upon many factors. A few include the panel location and the area’s climate, which in regards to Pakistan is prime and best suited with summer in more years than most and a presence of the sun. Moreover, the angle and orientation of the solar panel array also matter, so be sure to read the instructions and place them accordingly.

Furthermore, the shade cast on the panels might reduce electricity generation as the sunlight might not get there to activate maximum production. Check the operating temperature of the solar panels and buy ones upon your climate requirement.

In addition, the solar panel array capacity should accurately match the inverter capacity. Also, the performance of individual components like panels and the inverter should be known. This way, you can have the know-how of the panel to get the most out of the purchase with the help of Premium Solar.

Thereby, it is known how significant a solar panel’s presence is, especially in Pakistan. A country blessed with such a climate needs a solar panel in each house. And now, with Premium Solar, you do not need to worry about the expenses. Premium Solar not only brightens your future with fewer figures in your bills but also low-cut costs to get the solar panel.

So what are you waiting for? Forget the traditional electricity mechanisms and switch to solar power and do your part to make the world a better place to live in through renewable energy consumption.

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