On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

Grid solar systems are the most common type of solar system in both residential and commercial buildings. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and efficient in generating electricity. At Premium Solar, we are incentivized to make on-grid solar systems accessible in your city Lahore at affordable prices.

Knowing that the grid system’s design has several advantages over other types of panel systems. We provide them in many sizes. Also, they are less expensive than other types of solar panels because of fewer parts which make them easier to assemble and maintain. We have different and affordable on-grid solar system packages in Pakistan as per our clients’ needs and usage.

On-Grid Solar System – First Choice of Home Owners

We are providing on-grid solar system in Pakistan since it is a new way of generating energy. We install reliable systems that produce electricity from solar energy so that you can use it to charge batteries for electricity storage or fulfil your day-to-day electricity needs.

Our experienced team installs the solar power system at your rooftop to allow you to generate electricity and sell it back to the grid.

Our on-grid solar systems are easy to install and maintain; perfect for you, if you have a rooftop space. It totally depends on your needs of which power you need to install the system. However, the most common 10kW solar system price in Pakistan is highly affordable and has a long life span; that’s why most of the people prefer our 10kw systems.

We also offer hybrid solar systems that also increase efficiency of your home’s energy, reduce the cost of electricity, and help you keep the environment clean.

We Offer Unlimited Benefits to Our Customers

Our inverters are responsible for converting DC electricity from a battery into AC electricity that appliances in your home or business can use.

We offer inverters with charge controllers that are responsible for measuring how much power is coming into your array and how much power you are using at any given time.

Our solar panels when connected to the inverter generate energy when sunlight hits them. Our solar products include inverters, batteries, solar panels, and charge controllers.

At Premium Solar, we offer the best solar panels, inverters and also provide high-quality installation services.

Solar Panels

We offer solar devices that convert sunlight into electricity and heat energy. They are a green energy source that is also inexpensive and dependable.

Our solar panels aren’t typically as big of an investment as other power sources such as gas or coal. We offer on-grid solar systems that are also helpful for businesses because they don’t require additional electrical installation.


As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the demand for renewable energy continues to grow. Our new product has emerged that could revolutionize the energy market, which is inverters.

We offer inverters that convert solar power into alternating current (AC), which is used in homes and businesses to provide electricity.

Battery Bank

Our Modern on-grid systems can help you save money, time, and effort.

Battery bank of our on-grid system stores energy generated by solar panels during the day and releases it at night to power your home or business.

Charge Controllers

Our on grid solar panel has a charge controller that regulates and manages the flow of electricity from an inverter to a battery bank.

It also monitors and controls how much power your solar panels generate. You can install them at the inverter, the first point of contact with the grid. They have three main modes:

Bulk Storage Mode

In this mode, the charge controller of our on grid system uses a DC-to-DC converter to transfer power from the PV array to a bank of batteries.

It is typically used in our systems that have a small number of batteries and when there is an excess of solar power during the day.

Equalization Mode

In this mode, the charge controllers of our on grid panel use DC-to-AC converters to regulate the voltage on both banks of batteries. They regulate by adjusting their charging and discharging rates to reach equal levels.

It is typically used in our systems with large numbers of batteries or when there is insufficient solar power during the day.

Float Mode

In this mode, the charge controllers of our on grid system use DC-to-DC converters to regulate the voltage on both banks of batteries, but they operate the PV array at a variable duty cycle.

It is typically used in systems with few batteries or when there is excessive solar power during the day.

We use charge controllers in our on-grid systems for many purposes, such as:

  1. To reduce power consumption during off-peak hours.
  2. To maintain battery bank voltage during low light hours.
  3. To prevent batteries from overcharging.
  4. To protect against grid faults, etc.

How Does Our On-Grid Solar System Work?

At Premium Solar, we not only provide the best services but we make sure to educate customers about our product too.

We offer On grid panels that use a grid with wires using energy from the sun or other sources. Our grid-connected solar panel can produce electricity in sunny weather and charge a battery during cloudy days.

We offer grid panels that are becoming popular than ever because they are cheaper to install and maintain than conventional power grids. We also offer the most affordable 5kW solar system price in Pakistan.

Our grid-connected solar power system works when the electricity generated by a photovoltaic (PV) array is connected to an electrical grid through a utility company or electric cooperative.

Our on-grid solar system in Pakistan uses inverters, which convert direct current (DC) from the grid into alternating current (AC), and then into DC again.

The AC is then sent to the solar panels and makes them produce electricity. The DC is sent from our solar panels back to the grid.

Our Inverters take power from the grid and convert it into DC before sending it out so that your home can still use electricity even if the power goes out. To charge your batteries with solar energy, you must use an inverter.

Our on-grid solar power system produces electricity by a PV array that is always connected to the grid, so any excess amount that isn’t used immediately goes back into the grid.

Our Grid-Connected Solar PV System

We offer grid-connected solar PV systems that generate electric power by converting sunlight into photovoltaic (PV) electricity and feeding it into an electrical grid.

Our Grid-Connected Solar Thermal System

We offer a grid-connected solar thermal system which is a type of solar power plant that generates heat and electricity from the sun. The heat is used to produce hot water, steam, or electricity.

On-Grid Solar System is a New Innovation

With the increasing use of solar panels, the need for storage devices has increased. One such device is the on-grid solar system.

We offer the best on-grid solar system in Pakistan that is a storage system and uses a combination of batteries and solar panels to store excess electricity generated by solar panels to provide you power at night or when there is no sun.

Our solar panels charge the batteries during the day, and you can draw energy from them at night or any time of day. You can use our system for both residential and commercial purposes.

Our on-grid solar system is a powerful solar power system that can generate energy around the clock. It is designed for small and remote areas that can’t afford to have grid electricity.

Our on-grid solar system in Pakistan is cost-effective but it also has a low environmental impact. It generates energy from renewable sources and you can use it in various places such as homes, schools, and hospitals.

They also provide power during blackouts because our panels can store their power supply in batteries.

Our systems work in conjunction with the power grid to provide power for houses and businesses. Our on grid system uses solar panels, battery storage, and inverters to convert energy into usable electricity. Our average 20kW solar system price in Pakistan is Rs. 21,95,000.

Rural locations can benefit from our powerful systems because we offer a reliable source of energy that is not dependent on fossil fuels.

Our Solar panels offer many benefits such as decreasing your electricity bills, providing backup power during emergencies, and being environmentally friendly.

High Availability of Electricity 

Our on-grid solar system allows you to generate electricity at any time. It means that you can use the generated electricity whenever it’s needed, without relying on the grid.

Due to the on-grid nature of our solar system, electricity generated by the solar panels is available to use at any time. It creates a more reliable power source for you. Our panels also provide a backup power supply for your home or business if there is a power outage.  

Another advantage of using our on-grid is that it makes micro-grids creation easier since you don’t need batteries or diesel generators to run electricity during blackouts.

Reduced Costs in the Long Term

While initial costs of our on-grid solar system in Pakistan may be higher than the cost of purchasing electricity from a utility company. But Don’t Worry! These investments will pay for themselves over time.

Our on-grid solar systems are typically less expensive than grid-tied systems when considering the cost of electricity in the long term.

Typically, the cost of electricity projected by a utility company is determined by the cost of fuel and maintenance. However, our solar panels offer output at a relatively constant rate.

When considering the long-term costs of maintenance of our On Grid Solar Systems in Pakistan, our systems are typically less expensive than grid-tied systems because they require less maintenance.

No Need to Worry About Maintenance or Installation of the System

Our on-grid solar systems are a form of solar panels that are integrated into the grid. In order to install them, you don’t have to worry about having to make sure your rooftop is sturdy.

Our panels are also maintenance-free and do not need any professional installation. A user can easily install it with just a few small tools and you can easily move it from one location to another.

No Need to Worry About the Roof’s Condition

Our on grid solar systems in Pakistan are a great way to go green and reduce your carbon footprint. We offer high-quality on grid systems that generate electricity without any external power supply. We also make it possible for panels to work on the roof without worrying about its condition.

You won’t have to worry about buying new solar panels each time you purchase a new house.

Our System is Cost-Effective as it Will Pay for Itself in Just a Few Years

Our on-grid solar systems are ideal for people interested in leasing solar panels for their homes. We offer solar systems that include everything needed to be a functioning power plant.

Our on grid panels can also help your family save money on energy bills and enjoy environmentally friendly energy consumption.

Our System is Easy to Install as it Does Not Require Any Digging or Demolition Work

Our on-grid solar systems are a technology that’s been around for quite some time but have recently become more popular.

They are easy to install and require no digging or demolition work. Our systems are typically installed on roofs of existing homes and buildings. The benefits include:

  • Our system is easy to install.
  • Our system needs no maintenance.
  • The plan pays for itself over time.

Lower Electricity Bills

Most people are not aware of the benefits of our On Grid Solar Systems in Pakistan. We offer homeowners to save money by generating their own electricity using our solar panels. It will also help you to reduce electricity bills.

Low Maintenance Costs

We can also install our on-grid solar panels on homes without the need for an inverter. It helps to reduce maintenance costs.

Our on grid panels are usually more affordable than off-grid systems because they don’t require much maintenance. You can also buy solar panels in Lahore at affordable prices from us.

No Need for Batteries or Storage Tanks

Our on-grid solar is a panel system that uses the sun’s power to power homes and businesses. With these systems, you do not need to store batteries or tanks. We can install the panels on the roof, and with it you can benefit from electricity throughout the day and night.

Solar energy is becoming a more and more ubiquitous resource. It is becoming economically feasible to install these systems on roofs across the country.

Our modern solar technology is taking the market by storm with our wide variety of solar devices.

Used to Power Homes and Businesses

Our on-grid solar system is used to power homes and businesses, which can be connected to the grid or not. They are a great way of harnessing the energy from the sun and using it to power homes and businesses.

You can connect our solar systems to the grid, where you can recharge them during peak hours. Our panels create their energy by powering homes and businesses with a combination of on-site storage batteries and solar panels.

Used to Power Industries

Our on-grid solar system works by harnessing the sun and converting it into electricity. This electricity is then used to power industries such as mining, manufacturing, and agriculture without polluting the environment with greenhouse gases or toxic chemicals.

Used to Power Cars

Our solar systems are used to power cars by using the stored energy in the battery pack to power an electric motor while driving on a highway at high speed or when stationary at a charging station.

If you are interested in saving money on your electricity bill and reducing pollution, there are many ways to take advantage of our solar power.

One way is by using our solar panels to generate more electricity than you need to charge the battery pack of your electric vehicle.

The car’s electric motor can then use the stored energy form the battery pack of our panel to power itself at high speeds or when stationary at a charging station.

Used to Power Remote Locations

Our on-grid solar system is a new and innovative way to harness solar power used by remote locations.

Our pioneering design enables control to be generated without using energy sources such as high voltage grids or diesel. Our team of experts designed it to provide long-term reliability.

Long Life Span

We offer solar panels that have a long life span, which means that you can install them on the roof of the building, and won’t need to be replaced for years. It is also easy to install with no complicated wiring or installation process.

Our on-grid solar system uses patented technology and an innovative design to provide clean, renewable energy for your home or business. You can install this system in under an hour, be cost-effective, and save money on your electricity bill.

Our panels have a long life span of up to 5 years, with no service or maintenance required during that period. You can use it in areas without complicated grid connections, such as remote islands or off-grid communities.

Highly Efficient

Our on-grid solar system is highly efficient and has a high-efficiency rate. It means that the energy generated from our system is more than enough for the household’s needs.

You can use our on-grid solar system to power your home and charge your electric vehicles while you are away.

Our Cost of Solar Systems is Affordable

Our Cost of Solar Systems is Affordable

Solar energy is a clean and renewable way to power homes, businesses, and industries. However, many people still don’t know how much it costs to install our solar panels.

One of the main reasons for this is that multiple factors contribute to the cost of installing our solar system. These factors include the size of your home or business, your location, and if you want an expert from our team to install it for you.

The cost also depends on what type of system you want to install and how many panels you need on your roof. Moreover, our solar system is affordable if you compare its cost to other energy sources.

The cost of our on-grid solar system in Pakistan has dropped dramatically in recent years. Many factors contribute to the decrease in the price of our solar systems, but one of the most significant ones is a shift in technology. However, we also offer packages for installation of panels on your roof of home or businesses.

Our solar system is an alternative method for people who want to receive the benefits of solar power without wasting money on expensive options.

We Offer the Best On-Grid Solar System Price in Pakistan

The electricity demand has increased in Pakistan over the years. It has led to several solar projects being installed across the country. However, the cost of these solar projects is still relatively high.

Our on-grid solar system Price in Pakistan is a popular topic among consumers. Moreover, we offer several types of solar systems in the market. Our main systems include on grid solar systems, off grid solar systems and hybrid solar systems.

The price of our on-grid solar systems can vary significantly depending on the size of panel you want and location of your installation. You must understand your needs before deciding what type of system you need for your home or business to avoid any hassle.

The average cost of our on-grid solar system in Pakistan is around Rs. 350,000 with a 5-year warranty generally. For more information about our solar systems in Pakistan, you can visit the Premium Solar website.

Our On Grid Solar System Price in Lahore

Solar power is becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial use as it becomes cheaper than ever before. It is clean, renewable, and cost-effective.

Our on-grid solar systems are becoming more and more popular in Lahore. We offer the most cost-effective and reliable alternative to a traditional solar system.

Our on-grid solar system is the best solar power system to go for if you want to save money on solar power. We offer a fixed price that doesn’t change throughout your contract and comes with a warranty of 7 years.

The cost of our on grid solar system prices in Lahore starts from Rs. 340,000/- and we also offer free installation and maintenance services on bulk orders.

We try our best to provide customers with the most affordable prices. However, several factors influence the pricing of our solar panels. Some of these factors are the demand, the market price, and the cost of raw materials.